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Gymnastics and I were in a serious relationship for 15 years.  There were times it was "complicated", times when I was head over heels (literally and figuratively), when I walked away, and times of feeling that I wouldn't be mad if I never had to do timed sprints, rope climbs or miles of running in the morning ever again. And most athletes could probably say the same.  Towards the end of my 15-year gymnastics career, I became a walking injury and prepared as best as I could for a life beyond gymnastics.

After my sport, I took every internship that I could with the goal to stack my young professional resume.  After 10 internships, I landed my first full-time job and was officially introduced to #adulting.  It didn't take long for me to notice that being at a desk for hours, made me miss my sport.  And no matter how many trendy fitness classes I took, there was a void I couldn't seem to fill.

It was weird to me that after four years of walking away from my sport,  I was all of a sudden missing it.  And I chalk this up to "hitting the ground running" with my new career goals, and not processing the transition thoroughly. 

The reason for the Her Sports Story platform is because during this time, I felt alone and that I couldn't seem to find a space for "former athletes".  I had wished for a spot to connect on these topics and to have a community to talk to on the athlete after-life.  To get advice on realigning the athlete identity, ideas on how to "workout" without a team nor with a PR in mind, and a place to just feel understood. 

So if you just left your sport ...

You've been "retired" for five or 10 years ...

You miss that sense of purpose of being an athlete ...

The Her Sports Story platform is for YOU.

Welcome to the Her Sports Story tribe!

Her Sports Story Mission
 to connect former female athletes through storytelling
to help them realign their identities post-sport

and develop a professional brand after athletics

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