Former Volleyball & Basketball Athlete Turned College Sports Clubs Professional and CrossFit Athlete

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Jackie's sports journey encompasses club, high school, and collegiate levels. She served as the Sacramento State Volleyball Sport Club President and Treasurer and was a member of the Sac State Sports Club Council. She is amazing to say the least! Jackie's inherent drive landed her an opportunity to stay in the sports realm as she now is a Sports Clubs Assistant at Sacramento State. In addition to providing athletes with an organized platform to promote their sport and play, she coaches youth volleyball! She benefited greatly from her athletics experiences and appreciates the foundation it built for her to be a successful professional. And sports brought her more than a springboard for her successes, Jackie also met her significant other (yes her boyfriendddd >> insert hair flip and eyelash flutter here<<) while interning in the athletics department spirit and marketing group! They now enjoy rec softball which is always preceded by froyo Fridays at Menchies! Ending on a #girlpower note though, this woman is going to move mountains.

HSS: Share a fond memory of being an athlete with us!

Jackie: I think my favorite memories are from when I played basketball in high school. Our team play year round and would always travel to games and tournaments in these 12 passenger vans. Our coach would let us play whatever music we wanted (which ended up with way tooooo many replays of the Justin Bieber Christmas Album). We would always sing WAY too loud and it was so much fun to bond together while we traveled. This helped us to get along both on and off the court and was one of those carefree moments I really miss from high school.

HSS: As girls and women, we sometimes experience insecurity, negative self-talk/self-image thoughts, or our very critical of ourselves… How would you coach an athlete experiencing this?


We as women should all focus on putting as much love, energy and belief into ourselves as we do to other people. We should feel proud to be confident and to love and believe in ourselves, not ashamed and selfish.

There is strength and wonder inside of each and every one of us... sometimes more than we will ever come to realize, so we should all take a second each day to be proud of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. HSS: Yassss preach!!!

One aspect I would specifically point out when trying to help an athlete who is struggling with insecurities is to try and encourage them to stop comparing themselves to others. Once you stop trying to compare yourself to those around you, or those you follow on social media, you stop holding yourself to unrealistic expectations which are causing negative thoughts. If you continue to hold yourself to unrealistic expectations and never exceed them, you will fill yourself with negative thoughts of never being “good” enough. But if you remove those expectations and comparisons, you remove the source of so many negative and irrational thoughts.

HSS: Yessssss again, thank you for that!

HSS: If you could go back and mentor yourself as a girl growing up and being a competitive athlete, what would you tell her?

Jackie: As an athlete, If I could go back I would try to convince myself to spend more time developing myself as a basketball player. I never thought that it would be worth my time to spend more time developing my skills because I thought that I was already good enough as I was. I would try to push myself a little harder because knowing that was my last time playing basketball, I wish I could’ve finished at a higher level.

In general as a young girl growing up, I wish I could go back and educate myself on how diverse my options were after graduation and I would have encouraged myself to look into other colleges and opportunities outside of what I thought I wanted.

But I have no regrets with how my life has turned out because so far, everything has turned out perfectly in ways that I could have never predicted. I wish I would have just realized how BIG the world is compared to what I thought was important/unimportant at the time. There is SO MUCH more to this world that you could ever imagine.

HSS: How do you think sports contribute to your life as an adult?

Jackie: Sports have contributed to my life in SO many ways. The friendships and experiences I have gained through sports in both high school and college have been once in lifetime experiences. Sports taught me many lessons that I could not have learned inside the classroom; teamwork, time management, collaboration, perseverance, and many other skills.

I also have discovered from spending the last four years working in and playing sports at the collegiate level, that I have developed a passion for working in sports and with students. I get to share the life lessons and skills that I learned through my sports career with those students who are following similar paths to mine. Both at the collegiate level and with coaching youth volleyball, I love how sports has given me the opportunity to not only bond with those similar to me, but also with those who are very different from me through our common love for sports.

-Jackie, insightful former all-around athlete, doing stunning work in this thing called life!

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