My Female Athletes Rock Interview!

You know when you meet someone, and you think "Yep, we were totally meant to connect!" That's how I felt when I hopped on a phone call with Jazzie Jae. Jazzie is a former track-athlete turned HR professional and the amazing creator of an inspiring platform, Female Athletes Rock! She interviews female athletes and posts inspiring quotes and pictures on her instagram (@femaleathletesrock). On our phone call we talked all things life after sport and navigating the transition away from the sports we loved. She is dynamic, beautiful, and is doing work to lead and inspire the next generation of female athletes. I feel so fortunate to be her March feature for her Female Athletes Rock Spotlight. Here is a glimpse of my interview and the full interview can be read at the link below.


What motivated you to pursue a career in higher education?

My collegiate gymnastics career ended early due to injury – my body finally let me know it was done my junior year of college.  However, during my student-athlete initial years, I was very involved with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and I realized that my passion to eventually work in college athletics was growing.  I had been selected to attend various NCAA Career in Sport Forums and Leadership Forums and from there, my drive to work in the field grew.  While I was transitioning out of my sport, I interviewed for various internships and was not getting any offers… I felt defeated in this unknown “professional” world.  Yet, from that experience, I knew I had to help create a bridge between the end of college athletics and for athletes stepping into the “real world”.  So after five years of working on the operational and fundraising side of college athletics, I finally made it to the role I had my eye on in Student-Athlete Development (which is still my current role).

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