Why I'm not running another 13.1 miles...

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

It’s OK to rest… it's OK to rest, IT IS OK to REST and just CHILL... right?

My husband and I have a problem! Well, it’s more like a necessary evil. We struggle to TURN IT OFF. We feel as if we are wasting this precious life if we are not accomplishing or striving towards something.

The other day, I was feeling stagnant (ewww worst ever right?!)… so I thought to myself “I should run a half marathon!” Then as I thought this through and reflected on it for a moment, I realized this was purely for chasing the feeling of ACHIEVEMENT.

How did I realize this you ask? Oh, because I loathe running - can’t really stand anything past a mile and a half, so you know 13.1 makes ZERO sense from any enjoyable standpoint. And don’t get me wrong, I have actually ran one before and it went fairly well. However, the only part that really connected with my soul was being in a massive wave of 10,000 other women at the start line, at 5:30am on a chilly yet beautiful San Francisco morning. #magical But I digress.

So where does this achievement junkie crave come from? Oh yeah, that’s right... I was a competitive athlete for 15 years! Practice, achievement, and goal chasing was my day-to-day. This mindset has been ingrained in me for YEARS. And my husband, former collegiate baseball player turned sport performance physical therapist, is also so so driven. Pretty sure he inherently has more drive and strive than I do! So being married now for five years, we completely realize that we are “do-ers” and struggle with “laying low”. Now I will say that we have gotten much better at it, yet we still are unpacking the athlete lifestyle even YEARS after we stepped away from our sports.

Why am I writing this? Because I am pretty sure there are former athletes out there that have felt the same way or are a recovering achievement junkie themselves. So advice for us constant pursue-ers? Let's attempt a few new thought processes and ask ourselves...

Will this "activity" bring me closer to my life goals in the most efficient and effective way?

Oooohhhhh right?! We gotta limit that social media scrolling time warp --- our time is so much more valuable! We have to be intentional... and even more so when our side hustle or passion depends on it. Raising my hand over here as a total work in progress!

What feeling am I actually chasing?

Sometimes we just want that high, which is NORMAL! Humans are always after a feeling. So just sit with your thoughts for a minute to find what your soul is actually yearning for.

What would it look like to be fully and completely present for a few moments... hours... or even days? Our society is spun on the merry-go-round. Go-go-go and rest for 2.5 seconds--- GO again! We, especially as athletes, have defined "time management'" and know the epitome of efficiency due to "no time". But did we really not have time? Or did we make it that way. Did we fill it in our minds or with a somewhat less-than-important task? Again, over here admitting that I lived my life in the fast lane as an accomplishment junkie! >>insert girl raising hand emoji here<<

Yet at any rate, be proud of yourself. Because if you resonate with this, you have accomplished a lot! So here's to taking a minute to breathe and spending our precious time on what actually lights up our souls.

Best, Bethany

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