Sport love letter

Why a sport love letter? Well, with anything that played a significant role in our lives, it is important to thank it: for the good, the bad, and maybe even the ugly.  It was a part of our journey and sport played a vital role in our development whether we realize it or not. 
So here are some prompts to get those feelings out of your soul and into the universe. 
Don't judge it, be real with it, this is about processing and appreciating all aspects of the journey and of your sports story. 

Dear sport

We spent _______ years together and to say the least we had a __________________ relationship.  And whether I told you this frequently or not, I want you to know that __________________


I am especially grateful for how you shaped me and how you contributed to my growth and development. I can't imagine my story without you a part of it. 

In the hard times ____________________________________________


And in some of our best times together _______________________


Overall, I want you to know that ___________________________


You were my first love and I feel immense gratitude for my experiences and my time with you.  Thank you for all of our time together, as each part and every memory was instrumental to the woman I am today.

With love,

An amazing, incredible, smart, grateful, beautiful former  female athlete 

Post-Athlete life journal

Over the past few years, I have toyed with the idea of processing athletics retirement through journaling.  I can't tell you how many Google Docs and notes I have in attempt to create this PAL (post-athlete life journal) however, here is a sneak peak of what's to come.

Welcome & Congrats!

HI-Fives all around! #goodgamegoodgamegoodgame

From one former athlete to another, I’d like to congratulate you on your athletic journey.  Whether it was for a few years or decades, you arrived at a place where you identified yourself as an “athlete”.


Recreationally, passionately, collegiately, professionally, any one type doesn’t classify you more athlete than another… it’s a place where you wholeheartedly embraced the athlete identity and life.

This means you trained for hours, committed to the process, made sacrifices, and more than likely created memories and relationships that will last a lifetime.

Chances are the athlete experience provided opportunities, challenges, and incredible moments and whether you realized it or not you were investing in yourself for the future “you”… the “you” right now, beyond sport.

The PAL Journal is here to guide you back through your athletic journey to bring this “thang” full circle. It’ll take you down memory lane --- back to when you were just a kid playing the game.  You’ll relive your treasured memories, remember the lessons the tough times taught you, and reclaim the gifts that the athlete experience provided you for when it was time to move on.

So welcome to the other side… the Post-Athlete Life (hence PAL) because everyone needs a “that’s how I feel too!” space where they can relate!